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A.T.E. (Altogether Experimental) is a technique-driven, collaborative arena for the nouvelle creative patissiers, baristas and culinary artists. It’s conceptualised and put together by like-minded industry enthusiasts to deliver unforgettable experiences for the gastronome. We want to create a nouvelle platform that brings like-minded people together on a table over gastronomic experiences and unforgettable memories through scintillating taste journeys. Founders Vicky Mandal and Anukriti Anand channelled their love for radical coffee making techniques, modern patisserie & avant-garde food along with contemporary sustainable architecture, large open spaces & newfangled fashion to build the most important pillars of A.T.E.

264, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, Saket, New Delhi - 110030  |  +91 - 9999288073  |


Built in the backyard of Qila Rai Pithora & situated on the hustling bustling Westend Marg, Saidulajab, A.T.E. is easy to navigate & find. Close vicinity of 500 meters to Saket metro station adds to the reachability as well. A.T.E. is surrounded by luscious greens, a hideout in the middle of a busy path, a space for every detail, down to the thoughtful meaning of the iron & glass facade feels special. It is immediately apparent that design & fashion isn’t just a daily routine - it’s a passion at A.T.E. The sharp & straight edges and clean design of the windows pop from the second you walk in through our gates.

Step inside our little cafe, check out our comfy furniture and scootch into our world.  A world of muted yet vibrant colours, comfy fabrics, cool drinks, warm service and hot hot hot flavours. Don’t forget our crispity crunchity textures too. Although we love our classics, Altogether Experimental still maintains that you should expect the unexpected. We don’t tend to be provocative, but will try our best to satisfy you with a dizzying array of tastes, temperatures, textures, tipples, and tunes. And don’t forget to smile, just like our team, who are genuinely happy to welcome you into our abode. 


At A.T.E, we believe in running a minimal waste Kitchen and Bar ensuring that everything in the cafe is repurposed to be used in another dish/drink/utility. Thoughtful at every step, we also make sure that we source our produce with partners who are equally dedicated to building a sustainable future. For example, the packaging that we use at A.T.E. for delivery/takeaways, is made from bio-degradable and compostable material that helps us control our carbon footprint on this planet. 



It's been a real ride for small businesses around the city and particularly hospitality venues over the past few months. So here's a quick update of whats going on on our end: We are open now for dine in, takeouts and deliveries.


We have social distancing norms and efficient hygienic/sanitisation measures in place to continue to offer patrons and staff a safe and hygienic environment to come and dine in or grab goodies from.

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